Our core business is the reimport of original pharmaceuticals, manufactured according to EU regulations, to Germany.

These imported products are original pharmaceuticals that are therapeutically identical to the products approved for the German market. The imported pharmaceuticals are 100% the same as the original. Active agents, strength, and administration as well as the therapeutical value are exactly identical.

Imported pharmaceuticals and medical products are subject to the strict rules and regulations of the German drug law as well as the Medical Devices Act and the European Union. The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices carries out frequent and strict controls to ensure that the imported goods are indeed identical to the original.

Medical Products

Reimported medical products for hospitals, practices, clinics, and other customers complete our portfolio.

Our medical products help supply patients with high quality medical technologies in a large number of therapeutic fields. We supply medical providers and patients as well as pharmacies, medical stores, and medical specialist traders.

We are constantly expanding our portfolio of medical products. We focus on areas such as modern wound treatment for medical offices, surgeries, and clinics as well as complementary and OTC-products. We are currently working on creating a range of ACA-own brand products as well as the acquisition of more exclusive marketing rights for high-quality health products.