Import-pharmaceuticals or Euro-pharmaceuticals can either be “parallel imports” or “reimports“. “Parallel imports” means that pharmaceuticals manufactured by the original brand in other EU countries are purchased in those countries and “imported“ to Germany. “Reimports” are drugs produced by the original brand in Germany which had been exported to other EU countries. We purchase them there from a wholesaler and “reimport” them to Germany.

Yes, we only deal with original pharmaceuticals from Europe that are identical to the German originals in their therapeutic effect. The EMEA (European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products) ensures that only identical pharmaceuticals are traded.

No. Reimported and parallel imported drugs are products from the original manufacturer. The EMEA (European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products) ensures that only identical pharmaceuticals are traded. We are considered a manufacturer according to German law and are thus subject to the same safety regulations as a pharmaceutical manufacturer in the traditional sense. Our products are examined by experts, thus meeting all legal requirements. We value long term trading relationships with our suppliers which minimizes the risk of counterfeited products. The mutual sense of trust in combination with the required quality controls are the best protection against fraud.

Yes, as long as they are aware that the products are made by the original manufacturer and that they posses the same therapeutic value as the original products. For products paid for by the consumers themselves (e.g. contraceptives), patients frequently ask for cheaper alternatives themselves.

Yes, many branded pharmaceuticals are much cheaper in other countries of the EU. German prices for pharmaceuticals are some of the highest in all of Europe. We buy original products by the same brand for a lower price in other countries of the EU and pass savings of up to 30% on to the customers, patients, and insurers.

Yes, just as any other German drug our products are carried by pharmaceutical wholesalers. In addition to that we also offer direct sales.

Many pharmacies have realized that cooperation with us means a steady second source of income. Additionally, they are able to increase customer satisfaction by being able to offer better prices. According to a decree by statutory health insurers, 7,5% of all pharmaceuticals sold in pharmacies must be imports.